.Pierre-André Potts talks about Facility Management and Hospitality

published on 02/21/2022

Pierre-André Potts, director of the FM Development Department, tells us about Facility Management and answers our questions about what makes Armonia unique.



What are the benefits of Facility Management for companies?

In addition to letting clients focus on their core business, which is the primary benefit of FM, the consulting aspect of Facility Management is becoming increasingly important for Work Environment Managers. 

With work habits that have changed significantly, FM enables companies to quickly provide their work environment with appropriate solutions, whether they are organisational or digital. 



What are the current challenges in Facility Management?

The main challenge is to support clients (Property Managers or Work Environment Managers) in their effort to get employees back to the office.

We must therefore be able to innovate in terms of the services we offer, provide solutions that enable people to monitor the actual use of the buildings and therefore be agile and flexible. 


What is special about Hospitality at Armonia? 

Armonia is the only player on the market that comes from the Hospitality activity (Hospitality and occupancy services). Armonia is at the origin of the concept of Hospitality in the FM market. This particularity is reflected in the way we manage our contracts and bring them to life. We create a real community of services, trained in customer relations, around our clients' teams. We add conviviality to our business know-how.



In a few words, why choose Armonia for one’s FM services?

Armonia is attentive to your needs and creates tailor-made solutions to meet the expectations of the occupants on site. 

We master our activities by aiming for operational excellence.  Our service agents adopt hospitality-oriented professional gestures and postures in order to achieve a unique and exclusive user experience. 

Choosing Armonia means choosing the combination of an organisation focused on the user experience, the best expertise in the field and the implementation of the latest service and technical innovations. 




About Armonia : 

At Armonia, Facility Solutions expert, we bring together a wide range of businesses through our various brands. Our businesses cover 6 areas of expertise: hospitality & facility management, reception, event & retail, workplace & building solutions, safety & security, hygiene & cleanliness, and HR & interim solutions. Our goal is to provide excellent services and quality of life for visitors and occupants of a site.


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