.one day in the Indeed Center

Visit to Indeed to collaborate on our recruitment strategy

published on 07/10/2019

At Armonia, we are proud to be one of the largest recruiters in France and excited about our momentum in the countries where we operate. This status enables us to be in close contact with the main actors in this recruitment. This summer, we were invited by Indeed for a day at the Indeed Idea Center in Dublin.


The activity of a recruiter has evolved in recent years, Armonia is no exception. As attractiveness and online presence are at the heart of our HR strategy, we have brought the HR teams closer to the marketing department. Both departments were therefore represented during this Irish trip, united around a common objective: to develop our employer brand and improve our recruitment strategy on the Indeed platform.


During the day at the Indeed Idea Center, we collaborated with Indeed teams on a data-driven approach and we exchanged ideas that could add value to our recruitment strategy. 


Most of the day was dedicated to thinking about what to do in the future; a future that we are optimistic about as the upcoming features presented to us meet our needs and expectations.



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