.focus on the job of... Operations Coordinator at Office Concierge

published on 05/11/2022

At Armonia, Facility Solutions expert, we bring together a wide range of businesses through our various brands. Our businesses cover 6 areas of expertise: hospitality & facility management, reception, event & retail, workplace & building solutions, safety & security, hygiene & cleanliness, and HR & interim solutions. Our goal is to provide excellent services and quality of life for visitors and occupants of a site. We will now highlight our jobs and employees.


Today, focus on the job of… Operations Coordinator at Office Concierge!


What are the missions of an Operations Coordinator?

One of their duties is to ensure good communication between the head office and the clients. They arrange employees holidays and appointments, they monitor employee time keeping, and prepare the rosters in advance.

Something very important in their job is to ensure that every relevant information is passed to the appropriate department and to avoid misunderstandings. That is why they attend weekly meetings and always try to support a strong team spirit.


Of course, the Operations Coordinator can have several other duties, which implies that they are flexible and have a “can-do” attitude. They have an excellent attention to detail and are able to find solutions to any issue. 

Good grasp of spelling and grammar, great telephone etiquette and strong organisation skills are qualities that are necessary to become a successful Operations Coordinator!


Office Concierge in a few words:

Office Concierge, an Armonia Group brand, is the leading independent provider of Reception Management Services in London. Through its receptionists, Office Concierge delivers a five star “hotel style” visitor experience to English office buildings.


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