.what is facility management?

published on 03/17/2022

Armonia is a specialist in Facility Management, but what exactly does this term mean? 



It is the management of a set of services and facilities allowing the occupants of a building to work in the best conditions of comfort and also allowing the sustainability of the real estate asset.


The aim of facility management is to improve the performance of buildings and employees by offering them a working environment that meets their needs. To achieve this, Facility Management offers a wide range of services: building maintenance, cleaning, multi-technical maintenance, maintenance of green spaces, security, reception, switchboard, mail management, etc.



What are the advantages of Facility Management for companies?


First of all, it allows companies to refocus on their core business.

But that's not all! When Pierre-André Potts, Director of the FM Development Department at Armonia, was asked what Facility Management brings to companies, this was his answer: 

"In the face of work habits that have changed, FM allows companies to quickly provide their work environment with the right solutions, whether they are organisational or digital."

This is why Armonia, in partnership with GetGround, has developed the GetGround by Armonia application, to bring together in a single tool all the services offered to the occupants of a building.



In short, Facility Management is essential to the quality of the working environment and brings together many services leading to the well-being of the occupants of a site.



And what about Armonia?

At Armonia, Facility Solutions expert, we bring together a wide range of businesses through our various brands. Our businesses cover 6 areas of expertise: hospitality & facility management, reception, event & retail, workplace & building solutions, safety & security, hygiene & cleanliness, and HR & interim solutions. Our goal is to provide excellent services and quality of life for visitors and occupants of a site.


Would you like more information about our services? Please contact us here.


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