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published on 02/11/2022

At Armonia, Facility Solutions expert, we bring together a wide range of businesses through our various brands. Our businesses cover 6 areas of expertise: hospitality & facility management, reception, event & retail, workplace & building solutions, safety & security, hygiene & cleanliness, and HR & interim solutions. Our goal is to provide excellent services and quality of life for visitors and occupants of a site.



At Bouwens&, we provide smooth Facility service with our Facility Service Desk. This Facility Service Desk is the heart of facility operations in your company. We will answer every question about facilities, striving to solve any issues and asking the right people if we can not do it ourselves. 

To be sure that we provide you with the best solution, we also evaluate them and adjust them according to your needs. 


We will process all notifications from your employees, regardless of the mode of communication (at the desk, on the phone or via email). 


What are our daily missions? Depending on your requirements, we can arrange meeting rooms, make taxis and travel arrangements, provide you with audiovisual equipment and catering… 

We always try to give your visitors the best user experience, compatible with your business and controlling costs.


Bouwens& in a few words:

bouwens& is a Dutch Hospitality and Facility specialist. They have been leading the way in distinctive personal services for almost a century. In 2003 a new generation started Bouwens Chauffeur Services, setting a new standard in executive transportation.

The business transformed itself into bouwens&, hospitality and facility specialist, thanks to a focus on attracting the best people and deploying the smartest technologies. Their committed and experienced professionals work hard every day to create memorable moments for your staff and visitors.


05 December 2022

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At Armonia, Facility Solutions expert, we bring together a wide range of businesses through our various brands. Our businesses...

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