.MPID becomes FMDD

published on 10/19/2021

The Major Projects and Innovation Department becomes the FM Development Department, with Pierre-André Potts still at its head. 


What is the FMDD main objective?


To this question, Pierre-André Potts answers: “The objective is to contribute to the efficiency of organisations through our operational performance and our ability to act for the well-being of the employees and clients of companies.”


With this change, Armonia is reaffirming its unique position in the Facility Management market, which has its origins in the hospitality industry. 

#HospitalityOrigin #ArmoniaLife

By focusing on our know-how, we seek to achieve a unique user experience, to bring well-being and efficiency to the companies we work for.  


Find out more about Pierre-André Potts:


He has followed a path resolutely turned towards Facility Management before joining Armonia group in 2021.

He started as an Operations Engineer in the multi-site department of the French department at Faceo FM (Vinci group) for 2 years, and he became in 2010 Key Account Manager EMEA in the Corporate department of the Facilities division of Vinci Energies. 

He then joined Samsic group in 2012, where he held various positions in the operations and sales departments. He stayed here for 8 years, during which he had the opportunity to manage the operation of all Samsic Facility Management contracts in France. He also created the Samsic Facility Design Office, which defines the dimensioning and design of operational organisations and writes strategic commercial offers. 

Since January 2021, he has been working at Armonia, where he began as deputy director of the Major Innovation Projects Department, before becoming director of the FM Development Department.


His guilty pleasure? Listening to 90’s Eurodance in his car on his way to work.



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